Aur@sia 2017

Claire TRAN has participated in the second edition Aur@sia International Symposium, organized by CNRS, together with the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), on 28 – 29 November 2017.  With the participation of Patrick Nedellec (CNRS Director, European Research and International Cooperation Office) and Sylvie Démurger (Deputy Director, CNRS institute of Social Sciences and Humanities) . The Director of Irasec has presented the activities of her Center of research in social sciences and humanities and has chaired the session «  Science Contributions to Global Challenges and Sustainable Development Goals »  with her colleagues of the other Umifre In Asia (CEFC (China) E FLORENCE, CSH (India) N GRAVEL,  IFP (India) F LANDY, Maison franco japonaise (Japan) C SAKAI.

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December 8, 2017