Yukti MUKDAWIJITRA received his PhD. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007. He is an assistant professor at Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University, Thailand. His interests are linguistic anthropology, ethnicity, political anthropology, and digital anthropology. His researches cover areas of both Vietnam and Thailand. He has published works in Thai, English, and Vietnamese. His is major publications are, for example, Reading Community Culture: Politics and Poetics of Community Culture Ethnography in Thailand (2005, in Thai), "Language Ideologies and Ethnicity Orthography in a Multilingual State: the Case of Ethnic Thái Orthography in Vietnam" (2011, in English), "Contesting imagined communities: Politics of script and Tai cosmopolitanism in upland Vietnam" (2012, in English), Ethnic Tai Dam History: Roots of Culture and Society of Thailand and Southeast Asia (2014, in Thai), Rethinking Political Landscape in Thailand (co-author, 2013, in Thai).



March 13, 2018