Aurore CANDIERAssociate researcher

based in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma)


Aurore CANDIER has been based in Myanmar for more than 15 years. After graduating in History, she specialized in Burma studies and got a scholarship to learn the language in Yangon. She then stayed in the country to work in the humanitarian and education fields, and to complete her M.A. in Burmese language (Inalco) and her PhD. in History (EHESS). Her scholarly interests range widely, encompassing history of concepts and categories, global history, and early 20th century colonial history. She has explored intercultural contacts, circulation of people and forms of knowledge, and the transformation of the Burmese ruling elites’ universe of thought on the longue durée. She is mainly investigating the changes in the concept of reform since the 17th century, to give a better understanding of the current Burmese democratic process. She is also attempting to measure the impact of rumors, prophecies, astrology and the supernatural on Burmese politics.


Selected publications

  • 2019 (accepted) - La réforme politique pendant le premier moment colonial birman, Paris, EFEO.
  • 2019 (accepted) - Candier Aurore (dir.), Birmanie (Myanmar) : La transition politique dans la recherche, Paris, Presses de l’Inalco.
  • 2019 (accepted) - « Mapping ethnicity in nineteenth century Burma : when “categories of people” (lumyo) became “nations” », Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.
  • 2019 - Candier Aurore, de Mersan Alexandra, « Birmanie, les désillusions d’un peuple déçu », in Cabasset Christine et Thi-Liên Tran Claire (dir.), L’Asie du Sud-Est 2019, Bilans, enjeux et perspectives, Bangkok, Irasec, p. 133-161.
  • 2018 - « Les transformations des notions de temps, de passé et l’évolution des régimes d’historicité des élites dirigeantes birmanes (XVIème siècle - XIXème siècle) », Péninsule, 77, p. 5-34.
  • 2011 - «Conjuncture and Reform in the Late Konbaung Period: How Prophecies, Omens and Rumors Motivated Political Action from 1866 to 1869», The Journal of Burma Studies, 15 (3), p. 231-262.
  • 2011 - «Convergences conceptuelles en Birmanie: la transition du XIXème siècle», Moussons, 16 (1), p. 81-102.
  • 2007 - «Histoire et Temporalité à travers douze extraits du journal de voyage d’un ambassadeur birman en France (1874)», Journal Asiatique, 295 (2), p. 221-347.
  • 2007 - «A Norm of Burmese Kingship? The Concept of Raza-dhamma through Five Konbaung Period Texts», The Journal of Burma Studies, 11, p. 5-48.


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