Adélaïde MARTIN

Adélaïde MARTIN


2020 Fieldwork Scholarship Awardee


Fields of interest

  • Khmer and Southeast Asian Studies
  • International Circulation: spatial mobility and return migration
  • Internationalization of Higher Education
  • Sociology of Public Policy



Adélaïde Martin is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Institute for Social Sciences of Politics (ISP, UMR 7220) – University Paris Nanterre. Formerly a Ph.D. Dissertation Research Fellow at the Center for Khmer Studies, Cambodia, she is currently an associate member of the Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC), Bangkok. Her research focuses on the Cambodian state since 1979, through the study of the transnational trajectories of high-level administrative and political officials.


July 10, 2020