Anne Yvonne Guillou

Statutory researcher



Anne Yvonne Guillou (Dr.) is CNRS research fellow and IRASEC member. From 1990 to 2006, she has conducted anthropological field researches on health, illness/disease and healers in Cambodia. Since 2007, her research interest has moved to massive destructions, mass violence and reconstruction in Southeast Asia; traces of destruction, memory and social resilience in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia; and Khmer popular religious system including the reconfiguration of the Buddhist field in today’s Cambodia. She has participated in three European programmes such as LOTWOR (French-German ANR programme, 2011-2014); Corpses in Mass Violence (ERC, 2012-2016); and SEATIDE (FP7, 2012-2016). She has been chair of the Association Française de Recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est (2012- 2015).



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5 octobre 2015

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