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An Atlas of Trafficking in Southeast Asia

The Illegal Trade in Arms, Drugs, People, Counterfeit Goods and Natural Resources in Mainland Southeast Asia

Dirigé par Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
I.B. Tauris, Londres-New York, 2013, 224 p.
ISBN : 978-1-84885-815-2
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Mainland Southeast Asia is one of the world's key regions for trafficking of illegal goods. It is home to an international trade in small arms, nuclear smuggling rings, human trafficking, contraband and counterfeit goods, illicit currency and smuggled medicinal drugs. The scope and mechanisms of such trafficking, however, are far from understood. “An Atlas of Trafficking in Southeast Asia” brings together key researchers and cartographic specialists to provide a unique overview of the major forms of illegal trafficking in the region. Featuring 32 specially drawn full-colour maps detailing the trafficking hubs, counter-trafficking facilities and border status for each of the trafficking activities, together with political, historical, topographic, ecological and linguistic regional maps, the atlas provides an unparalleled reference resource that will be welcomed by professionals and academics across a wide range of disciplines.



1 Introduction: Illegal Trades Across National Borders
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy

2 Drug Trafficking In and Out of the Golden Triangle
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy

3 Trafficking, Trade and Migration: Mapping Human Trafficking in the Mekong Region
David A. Feingold

4 Arms Trafficking in Mainland Southeast Asia
David Capie

5 The Jagged Edge: Illegal Logging in Southeast Asia
Vanda Felbab-Brown

6 The Illegal Trade in Wildlife in Southeast Asia and Its Links to East Asian Markets
Vanda Felbab-Brown

7 The Trade in Counterfeit Goods and Contraband in Mainland Southeast Asia
Bertil Lintner