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New Religiosities, Modern Capitalism, and Moral Complexities in Southeast Asia

Religion and Society in Asia Pacific
Dirigé par Juliette KONING and Gwenaël NJOTO-FEILLARD
Irasec - Palgrave, New York, janvier 2017, 293 p.
ISBN : 978-981-10-2968-4
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As Southeast Asia experiences unprecedented economic modernization, religious and moral practices are being challenged as never before. From Thai casinos to Singaporean megachurches, from the practitioners of Islamic Finance in Jakarta to Pentecostal Christians in rural Cambodia, this volume discusses the moral complexities that arise when religious and economic developments converge. In the past few decades, Southeast Asia has seen growing religious pluralism and antagonisms as well as the penetration of a market economy and economic liberalism. Providing a multidisciplinary, cross-regional snapshot of a region in the midst of profound change, this text is a key read for scholars of religion, economists, non-governmental organization workers, and think-tankers across the region.



Juliette Koning holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is Reader in Organization Studies and Asian Business at the Business School of Oxford Brookes University, UK. As a social anthropologist, Juliette studies organizational processes, in particular the study of small business organizations in Southeast Asia.

Gwenaël Njoto-Feillard holds a PhD in political science from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and the Centre for International Research and Studies (CERI),  France. A specialist on Islam in Indonesia, he is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore, as well as being an Associate Fellow at the Center for Southeast Asia in Paris (CNRS-EHESS) and at the Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO, CNRS) in Lyon, France.


Table of contents

Introduction: New Religiosities, Modern Capitalism, and Moral Complexities in Southeast Asia


- Muhammadiyah vs. Mammon: The Economic Trials and Tribulations of an Islamic Modernist Mass Organization in Indonesia (1990s–2000s)1 (Gwenaël NJOTO-FEILLARD)

- Beyond the Prosperity Gospel: Moral Identity Work and Organizational Cultures in Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches in Indonesia (Juliette KONING)

- New Life in an Expanding Market Economy: Moral Issues among Cambodia’s Highland Protestants (Catherine SCHEER)

- A Moral Economy in Motion: The Dynamics and Limitations of a Pentecostal Alternative Society in Cambodia (Jeremy JAMMES)

- A Church for Us: Itineraries of Burmese Migrants Navigating in Thailand Through the Charismatic Christian Church (Alexander HORSTMANN)

- Of Riches and Faith: The Prosperity Gospels of Megachurches in Singapore (Terence CHONG)

- Religious Worlding: Christianity and the New Production of Space in the Philippines (Jayeel Serrano CORNELIO)

- What is a Halal Lab? Islamic Technoscience in Malaysia (Johan FISCHER)

- Religion, Prosperity, and Lottery Lore: The Linkage of New Religious Networks to Gambling Practices in Thailand (Rachelle M. SCOTT)

- Made in Singapore: Conceiving, Making and Using Ritual Objects in Hindu Domains (Vineeta SINHA)


Epilogue: Capitalist Rationalities and Religious Moralities—An Agonistic Plurality (Robert W. HEFNER)