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The Trade in Human Beings for Sex in Southeast Asia

Dirigé par Pierre Le Roux, Jean Baffie et Gilles Beullier
White Lotus, Bangkok, 2010, XXIV-488 p.
ISBN : 978-974-480-163-0
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The Trade in Human Beings for Sex in Southeast Asia brings together 28 senior scholars and experts hailing from all over the world in various disciplines: Ethnology and Social Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Psycho-Criminology, Medicine, Law, Economics, History, as well as Humanitarian assistance to give a general statement on slavery, prostitution and trafficking in persons in this region. In recent years, prostitution in women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation has been steadily increasing at an alarming rate. Underlying reasons are not only the ongoing process of globalization and the lagging behind of the concerned emerging countries, but also a number of cultural factors specific to this region. The problem's background is given in Part 1: A Look at the Past; Part 2 provides the data from field studies in human trafficking and prostitution; Part 3 deals with additional related problems and suggest possible responses. This indispensable work covers all aspects of a complex social problem and offers some suggestions on how to deal with it.



Table des matières



Préfacé - Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia (Marco Scarpati)


Introduction - Human Trade in Southeast Asia (Pierre Le Roux)

1. Prostitution and Selling Children as Slaves (Alain Testart)

2. Prostitution and Human Trafficking for Sex in Colonial Cambodia (Greg Muller)

3. Insights into Prostitution in Vietnam During the Colonial Era from the Late 19th Century to the Early 1930s (Marie-Corinne Rodriguez)

4. The Chinese Trade in Women and Children from Northern Vietnam (Julia Martinez)

5. Transborder Criminality and Trafficking in Laos (1949-1958) (Maxime Guilmin)

6. Déportation of Prégnant Migrant Women (Praparat Khachornboon)

7. Sex Trafficking of Thai Women and Girls to Australia (Sallie Yea and Jennifer Burn)

8. A Léthal Funnel: Prostitution and Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) (Pierre Le Roux)

9. Human Trafficking in Thailand (Sommai Chinnak and Watcharee Srikham)

10. Migrations and Trafficking in the Lao PDR: Contextual Analysis of Sexual Exploitation and Victimisation (Didier Bertrand)

11. Chek and Kari. The Chinese and the Prostitute in Thailand: A durable and adaptational relationship (Jean Baffie)

12. Child Sexual Abuse and Tourism in Cambodia (Frédéric Thomas and Florence Pasnik)

13. Field Survey on Human Trade in the Lao PDR (Dominique Menguy)

14. “They do not Get Angry” Note on the Speeches of HIV Positive Women Contaminated by their Partners (Cambodia) (Soizick Crochet)

15. A Critical Analysis of Sex Tourism in Southeast Asia (Sébastien Roux)

16. Incest in Southeast Asia and its Conséquences on Prostitution, Pedo- philia and Human Trafficking (Gilles Beullier)

17. Illégal Trades across National Borders of Mainland Southeast Asia (Pierre-Arnaud. Chouvy)

18. A Human Rights Framework to Address the Trafficking of Human Beings in the Greater Mékong Sub-region (Tom Obokata)

19. The Trafficking of Human Beings and a Practical Parallel: What Can Trafficking Organizations Learn From the Torture Réhabilitation Movement? (David Johnson and Joseph Swing le)

20. Post Traumatic Psychotherapy: Contribution to a psychodynamic theorization of “Psychological defusing and debriefing” (Philippe Bessoles)

21. The Three Existing Legal Answers to The Sex Trade in Southeast Asia Overt Law, Covert Realities (Emmanuel Dialma)

22. Child Protection through Capacity Building of the Police: A Cambodian Example of Good Practice (Christian P. Guth)

Postface - Issues in Human Trafficking (Thomas M. Steinfatt)



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