Irasec Publications Scientific Board

Irasec's scientific publications board aims to ensure the scientific quality of peer-reviewed publications and to contribute to a better international visibility of studies on Contemporary Southeast Asia.  It is composed of around thirty French speaking and international researchers specialized in the 11 countries of the region and representative of various SHS disciplines.


The appointed members of the Scientific Board are:

  • Delphine ALLÈS, Université de Créteil
  • Penny EDWARDS, Berkeley University
  • Olivier EVRARD, IRD
  • Nathalie FAU, Université Paris-Diderot
  • Amelia FAUZIA, Universitas indonesia /RSIS Singapour
  • Arndt GRAF, Goethe University Franckfurt
  • Anne Yvonne GUILLOU, CNRS
  • Robert HEFFNER, Boston University
  • Peter JACKSON, Australian National University
  • Bruno JETIN, Université de Brunei
  • Pinkaew LAUGARAMSRI, Chiang Mai University
  • Jacques LEIDER, Efeo
  • Carl MIDDLETON, Chulalongkorn University
  • Eric MOTTET, Uqam
  • Oona PAREDES, National University of Singapore
  • Abigael PESSES, CNRS, Case
  • Gwenola RICORDEAU, California State University
  • Catherine SCORNET, Aix-Marseille University
  • James C SCOTT, Yale University
  • Eric TAGLIOCOZZO, Cornell University
  • Marie Sybille de VIENNE, Inalco
  • Tuong VU, Oregon University
  • Yukti MUKDAWIJITRA, Thammassat University


The Scientific Board also includes the members of the Irasec research unit composed by its statutory members of Irasec:

  • Christine CABASSET
  • Thi Anh Dao TRAN
  • Claire Thi Liên TRAN