Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting 2017

Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting 2017
Tropical Medicine 4.0: Effective Collaboration for
an Impact on Global Health

Date: December 6-8, 2017
Venue: Amari Watergate, Bangkok, Thaïlande

Abigaël PESSES et Stéphane RENNESSON, chercheurs à l'Irasec, présenteront leur travail dans le panel  S8: Investigating Neglected Infectious Diseases at the Interface between Ecology and Anthropology présidé par Serge Morand (CIRAD, Kasetsart University) et Paron Dekumyoy (Mahidol University) le mercredi 6 Décembre 2017 de 13h45 à 15h15 Room C :

▼ Helminths in pigs: the impact of Taenia solium and Taenia asiatica in Asia
(Akira Ito, Asahikawa Medical University)

▼ Life of a pig among the Karen: from raising to sacrifice
(Abigael Pesses, IRASEC)

▼ Wild Rodents as Research Model for Studying Ecology of Infectious Pathogens in Southeast Asia
(Kittipong Chaisiri, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University)

▼ Health Risks and Rodent Bushmeat Consumption In Central Thailand: Preliminary Results And Emerging Questions
(Michel de Garine Wichatitsky, Kasetsart University)

▼ From paratisosis to sacrifice; symbiosis complex in hunting and livestock farming
(Stephane Rennesson, IRASEC)


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