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Vanina BOUTÉ

Vanina BOUTÉ


Statutory researcher from 2012 to 2014

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Vanina Bouté is an Associate Professor at the Sociology Departement, University of Picardie (Amiens). She’s conducting anthropological fieldwork in Northern Laos since 2000. Her book entitled “En miroir du pouvoir : les Phounoy du Nord Laos : ethnogenèse et dynamiques d’intégrations” (Mirroring the power : The Phounoy of Northern Laos, ethnogenesis and dynamics of integration, 2011) concentrates on the social changes among a highlander border-guard group in Northern Laos, from the colonial context to the post-colonial period. Her current research is focused on migration and dynamic of change among highlanders living in the borders of Northern Laos.

Laos - Sociétés et pouvoirs L'Asie du Sud-Est 2015