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L'Asie du Sud-Est 2024Bilan, enjeux et perspectives

Edited by Gabriel Facal and Jérôme Samuel
IRASEC, Bangkok,
February 2024, 452 p.


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PDF - 32.6 Mo

For each of the region’s eleven countries, “L’Asie du Sud-Est 2024, bilan, enjeux et perspectives” offers a detailed, synthetic analysis of the main political, economic, social, environmental and diplomatic events of 2023, complemented by a focus on two personalities of the year and a news picture. The book also features four thematic dossiers that tackle subjects dealt with on a regional scale : Chinese yuan policy in Southeast Asia, MERCOSUR-ASEAN relations, individual aid in Southeast Asia and online scam centers in the Philippines and Burma. Practical tools are also available, including a fact sheet and timeline for each country, as well as a notebook containing key demographic, social, economic and environmental indicators.


27 February 2024