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Sustainability of Thailand’s Competitiveness

The Policy Challenges

Sustainability of Thailand's Competitiveness : The Policy ChallengesDirigé par Patarapong Intarakumnerd & Yveline Lecler
ISEAS, Singapour
2010, XVIII-332 p.
ISBN : 978-981-4279-47-5
English Language English text

Competitiveness of a country requires continuous upgrading and, sometimes, major transformation. Thailand is at the crossroad. It can no longer pursue a strategy based on low-cost advantages, but its capability achievements are still too low to become an advanced economy. This book points out weaknesses of Thailand’s national innovation system or education and suggests how the country should develop new capabilities to survive and prosper in the globalized and fiercely competitive world.

It will be useful to researchers and students who want to learn more about Thailand and emerging countries, and also to policy-makers and executives involved in economic and industrial development.



Introduction (Patarapong Intarakumnerd and Yveline Lecler)

Part I : Thailand’s Industrial Development : General Views

1. FDI in Thailand : The High Road to Industrial Diversification Revisited (David Hoyrup and Jean-Christophe Simon)

2. Catching Up or Falling Behind : Thailand’s Industrial Development from the National Innovation System

Perspective (Patarapong Intarakumnerd)

3. Industrial Upgrading and Educational Upgrading : Two Critical Issues for Thailand (Bruno Jetin)

Part II : The Roles of Institutions : Clusters and Industrial Estates

4. Industrial Restructuring Policies in Thailand : Japanese or American Approach (Akira Suehiro)

5. The Rôle of Industrial Estâtes in Thailand’s Industrialization, New Challenges for the Future (Natacha Aveline-Dubach)

Part III : Firms and Government New Initiatives : The Industry Analysis

6. Manufacturing and Management Systems of Japanese Manufacturers in Southeast Asia : The Case of Automobile Industry in Thailand (Shinya Orihashi)

7. The Textile and Garment Industry in Thailand : The Technology and Education Upgrading Challenge (Audrey Baron-Gutty)

8. From Growth Based on Low Cost to Capability Upgrading Policies : The Thai Hard Disk Drive Industry (Yveline Lecler)