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The process of reconstruction social relations after a hardship : the example of HIV - positive women in Ho Chi Minh City


Author: Nguyen, Vu Huong Giang
Under the direction of: Khoa Lê-Huu
Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Langue française Texte français

Keywords: Sociology, Vietnam, Discrimination, HIV-positive woman, Social representation, Sociology of health, Stigmatization, HIV, Vietnam, HIV infections-Patients-Vietnam.


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In Vietnam, many studies exist on HIV and the lives of the people living with HIV, however, they often concentrate on the way of virus is transmitted and its prevention. Some research has focused on the ostracism and discrimination from their families or the community who play roles in caring and following the treatment of them. By interviewing nearly thirty women living with HIV in Ho Chi Minh City and applying the symbolic interactionism and the labelling theories, our thesis considers questions and discovers that most of the women who are infected by their husbands/ partners have had enormous shock after being diagnosed as HIV positive. After psychological shock, these following objects of study analyse their health, occupation, the change in life paradigm, the social stigmatisms and their self-stigma. Therefore, to continue living, they have to re-build new relationships or behaviours both on an individual and on communal scale.