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ASEAN Economic Community

A Model for Asia-wide Regional Integration ?

Dirigé par Bruno Jetin & Mia Mikic (eds)
Irasec - Palgrave Macmillan US, janvier 2016, 368 p.
ISBN : 978-1-137-53710-2
English Language English text

The launch of the ASEAN Economic Community raises key issues: the deepening of regional trade and the associated problem of exchange rate management. This volume questions the capacity of a shallow institution to deal with complex impacts on employment and inequality. Contributors analyze ASEAN's potential and weakness in readable terms.


Introduction : Bruno JETIN & Mia MIKIC
Part I ASEAN Economic Integration in the Context of East Asian Regionalism

Chapter 1 - ASEAN’s Imitation Economic Community: The Primacy of Domestic Political Economy (David MARTIN-JONES)

Chapter 2 - By Chance or by Virtue? The Regional Economic Integration Process in Southeast Asia (Jean-Raphaël CHAPONNIÈRE and Marc LAUTIER)

Chapter 3 - Trade Implications of the ASEAN+ Agreements for Other Asian Countries (Mia MIKIC)

Chapter 4 - Southeast Asian Countries in Global Production Networks (Prema-chandra ATHUKORALA)

Chapter 5 - Impact of Monetary Regime and Exchange Rates on ASEAN Economic Integration (Nabil AFLOUK, Jacques MAZIER, and Myoung-Keun ON)

Chapter 6 - Global Value Chains and Competitiveness of the Integrated Regions: Exchange Rate Issues (Witada Anukoonwattaka)

Chapter 7 - Intra- and Extraregional Trade Costs of ASEAN Economies: Implications for Asian Regional Integration (Yann Duval and Emilie Feyler)


Part II Impact of Regional Integration on Structural Change, Employment, and Inequalities

Chapter 8 - Regional Trade Agreements, Employment, and Inclusiveness (Kee Beom Kim, Fan Zhai, and Phu Huynh)

Chapter 9 - Economic Development with Improved Conditions of Employment and Reduced Inequality: What Choices Does ASEAN Have in the Medium and Long Term ? (Francis Cripps and Naret Khurasee)

Chapter 10 - Does Outsourcing Enhance Skill Premiums in ASEAN ? (Aekapol Chongvilaivan)

Chapter 11 - Regional Integration and the Creative Economies of ASEAN : Assessing the Potential for a Single ASEAN Creative Economy (Teemu Alexander Puutio)


Part III - Impact of Regional Integration on Poverty, Inequalities, and Social Cohesion

Chapter 12 - Social Cohesion, Economic Resilience, and Long-Term Growth in Southeast Asia and Developing Countries (Marc LAUTIER)

Chapter 13 - Reduction of Absolute Poverty, Increase of Relative Poverty, and Growing Inequalities: A Threat to Social Cohesion (Bruno JETIN)

Chapter 14 - Investment in Infrastructure and Regional Integration: Will Connectivity Reduce Inequalities ? (Nathalie FAU)

Chapter 15 - Within-Country Spatial Inequality and Local Governance Capacity: The Case of Indonesia (Christine CABASSET)

Conclusion : Mia MIKIC and Bruno JETIN


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