Health Crisis under Control, but not the Economic and Political Crises

Couverture Asie du Sud-Est 2021Jean BAFFIE

The year 2020 was supposed to be unexciting after a year of election and government formation. However, Thailand was affected by Covid-19 pandemic very early, the first wave of which was quickly under control. However, the tourism sector was deeply affected as were other sectors of the economy (import-export...). Several cases showed that corruption concerned most segments of Thai society. In politics, the three main events of the year were the dissolution of one of the most popular opposition parties, the mobilization of the youth that followed and, more unexpected, the expression of explicit anti-monarchy feelings. In foreign policy, the fragile balance in relations with China and the US seems to bend toward China, in spite of the youth's anti-Chinese mood.

Keywords: Pandemic, Tourism crisis, Corruption, youth protest, anti-monarchy feelings.