The normalization of the parliamentary alternation, between progress and disappointments

Couverture ASE2020David DELFOLIE

In Malaysia, the coalition of the Alliance of Hope (Pakatan Harapan) had to prove itself in the exercise of power after its victory in May 2018 General Elections (GE14), which marked the beginning of a historical political transition. Following the critical period of the country's first parliamentary alternation since its independence in 1957, 2019 was a sensitive year for the normalization of the initiated changes. Despite rather encouraging signals for the continuation of the process, several questions remain unanswered, in particular with regard to the cabinet's ability to remain united in adversity and to continue the implementation of its program without major renunciations. Although plagued by internal tensions, especially on identity issues, the Alliance of Hope has been fairly successful in imposing its pragmatic reformist trajectory and consolidating in the long-term its legislature. Nevertheless, it rapidly lost a significant part of its popularity.

Keywords: Malaysia, Democratic transition, Political normalization, Alliance of Hope, May 2018 General Elections (GE14)