A stronger presidential power

Couverture ASE2020François-Xavier BONNET

Faced with President Duterte's resilience, his high popularity and his near-hegemony over the country's institutions, the opposition has weakened considerably. President Duterte has also stepped up his policy of intimidating the opposition. The international community continues to press against the Duterte administration's "war on drugs", but the latter counter-attacks by blocking, for an indefinite period, public aid from countries (including France) which have voted to the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate human rights violations in this country. 2020 could be a pivotal year for the Duterte administration. This could accentuate its distance from Western countries and move closer to China in a context of renewed tensions between the United States and the Philippines.

Keywords: Philippines, War on drugs, United Nations Human Rights Council, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Reed Bank, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator