From « Singapour Inc. » to Singapore Nation… via the smart cities

Couverture ASE2020Éric FRÉCON

In 2019, Singapore celebrated the bicentennial of… the British influence or of “modernity”, as the Prime Minister put it. This event highlighted the lack of debate about the Singaporean (de)colonization and the search for new national narratives. Since 1819, Singapore has risen as a global city. In 2019, despite the worrying GDP growth, the city still improved its infrastructures as a hub. Based on its digital economy, Singapore is now emerging as a smart city and it addresses the first challenges, namely resilience and sustainability. However, due to the uncertain freedom of expression, there would be a risk of moving from a “sensored” to a “censored” city. Global city, smart city, smart city 2.0: is it time to consider the nation-building to move ahead? The government is precisely changing its leadership before the next elections and, on the international scene, Singapore intends to behave autonomously, beyond the influence of great powers.

Keywords: Singapore, Decolonization, Infrastructures, Micro-State, Smart city