Slowing economy, growing inequalities and a lesson in electoral authoritarianism

Couverture ASE2020Stéphane RENNESSON

If polls have been more or less confiscated by refined electoral engineering, the skyrocketing of Future Forward Party embodies an alternative that appeals to the youth of the kingdom and beyond. But the junta achieved to associate the project of the former with the democratic, social and elective Western model while it has pushed further the collusion between aristocracy, army and business circles. The elections significantly contributed to the maintenance of this confiscatory machinery while the country has no more room for maneuver considering social and environmental resources. We are possibly witnessing a strong political polarization, the famous silent majority melting like snow in the sun. The widening rift contradicts the storytelling of the kingdom society’s pacification to which cling those who profit from the status quo. Will a potentially ostracized from the assembly FFP know how to design peaceful and effective modes of mobilization with grassroots bodies? Will the business community correlate its interests with the fortification of the kingdom's fast vanishing human and natural resources?

Keywords: Thailand, Democracy, Inequality, Environmental risks, Army, Identity crisis