Đổi Mới.2 or How to Become a Middle Power

Couverture ASE2020Thị Liên Claire TRẦN

Trung Dung VÕ

The year 2019 seems to contradict the analysis of the appointment of Nguyễn Phú Trọng as Secretary General of the Party and President as an alignment with the Chinese model. The Party evidently continues to hold sole rule over Vietnam, but it has clearly chosen multilateralism over time, to become a middle power in Asia Pacific and internationally. Besides regional cooperation (ASEAN and Asia Pacific), the strengthening of cooperation with the United States, European Union and Russia characterizes 2019, while China continues to violate its maritime space. The Party is pursuing its fight against corruption and the cleaning of its public policies, as set out in the European free trade treaty signed this year. It has also to deal with a society which points out corruption and its management of climate change. Between the ambition of industrial revolution 4.0 and the social management of a hasty development, the gate is narrow.

Keywords: Vietnam, Anti-corruption campaign, climate change, illegal immigration, energy shortage, multilateralism, Revolution 4.0