A year full of challenges

Couverture Asie du Sud-Est 2021Sarah Anaïs ANDRIEU

2020 was the first year of President Joko Widodo’s second term. Its record is quite mixed, between economic recession and shrinking democracy, with the COVID-19 pandemic as a background. This latter continues to spread at an alarming rate in Indonesia and impacts all fields of the country’s life, highlighting the shortcomings of the health system as well as social and territorial inequalities. It also questions the status of the army within the government (which was already a concern when the President formed his cabinet in 2019). Maintaining elections in 270 regions across Indonesia reinforced the risk of increasing corruption, while the rising possibility of authoritarian drift is preoccupying, as the participation of civil society in the law-making process diminished and the repression of protests grew more violent. International relations were affected by the tensions between China and the United States.

Keywords: COVID-19, economic recession, regional elections, shrinking democracy, militarization.