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Nicolas LAINÉ

Adjunct researcher

Nicolas Lainé


nicolas.laine ird.fr

Page perso : http://www.paloc.fr/fr/annuaire/nicolas-laine-6810

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Fields of interest

  • Anthropology of nature : wild/domestic border, Tradiutionnal ecological Kn,owledge (TEK), ethnosciences (ethnozoology, ethnobotany, and ethnopharmacolgy).
  • Anthropology of conservation : (living) heritage, health and biodiversity links, biological and cultural diversity, animal disease governance.
  • Anthropology of humans and non-humans : human/animal/spirit relationships, interspecies collaboration and communication, animal labour. 
  • Religious anthropology : ritual specialists and healers, Theravada Buddhist articulation



Anthropologist, researcher at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (UMR PALOC - IRD/MNHN). My work focuses on human-animal relations, health (One Health), and local knowledge (ethno-veterinary) in Southeast Asia. They question the complex links between biodiversity-society-health and open reflections on the co-production of knowledge (expert/profane, human/non-human). By studying what circulates between species and the perceptions and treatments of animal diseases, I am interested in the knowledge systems mobilized locally to prevent associated risks. In doing so, I am interested in the way in which human-animal relationships condition socio-environmental balances and impact the health of humans, animals and the environment.