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Learning languages for specific purposes and action oriented perspective: Military French in Vietnam


Author: Bui, Thi Hai
Under the direction of: Tamas Szende
Langue française Texte français

Keywords: Language sciences, Vietnam, Foreign language, Military French, Action perspective, Intercultural, Device, Vietnamese soldiers - France - Teaching, French - specific and technical language - Studies and teaching - Vietnamese speakers - French as a foreign language.


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This research focuses on the training of Vietnamese military personnel who are going to France to continue their studies or to do internships in a professional context. Our main idea is to demonstrate the importance of a specialized training. Our problematic is built around three main axes : first, we approach the research on our field which is French in Vietnam by adopting an action perspective of language learning on specific objectives. Secondly, we will explain how to set up a course in specialized French by following the different steps that are essential. We will analyze field data intended to answer the questions raised above. By confronting literature and field analyses, we will conclude by proposing a training device for the learning of military French and pedagogical perspectives in order to consider a long-term didactic treatment.