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Les compétences émotionnelles des enfants et adolescents vietnamiens : une première prise en compte du contexte culturel


Author: Le Hoang, The Huy
Under the direction of: Jacques Grégoire
Catholic University of Louvain
Langue française English Language Texte français et anglais

Keywords: Educational sciences, Vietnam, Emotional skills, Children, Adolescents, Vietnam.


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The main objective of the current thesis is to establish an overview of the emotional competences of Vietnamese children and adolescents, an important topic in both research and practice that has been under explored in Vietnam. This thesis consists of five studies using different methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and mixed) that examine the profile of emotional competences of children at the beginning of primary school (6-8 years) as well as of adolescents (15-18 years). Emotional competences such as regulation, expression and identification were assessed and analyzed according to Vietnamese sociocultural characteristics. The results show that developmental, social and cultural factors are all likely to vary the scores obtained in the emotional competences of the two age groups, among which the emphasis could be on their socioeconomic background. The specificities in language, as well as in social expectations linked to traditional collectivist ideologies could endorse a major influence not only on the methodological level of research (e.g., the adaptation of tools for assessing emotional competences), but also on that educational and clinical practices, from which infer valuables recommendations for future investigations.