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The place of culture in French textbooks in Vietnam

Author: Dang, Thuy Dong
Under the direction of: Khoa Lê-Huu
Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Langue française Texte français

Keywords: Sociology, Vietnam, Learning, Culture, FLE didactics, Interculturality, Textbook, Sociolinguistics, French as a foreign language - Language and culture - Social aspect - Vietnam, Sociolinguistics, Civilization - in teaching textbooks, Intercultural communication, French (language) - Textbooks for allophones - Vietnam.


Shopping and cross-shopping practices in Hanoi, Vietnam: An emerging urban market context

Author: Tran, Hai Van
Under the direction of: Lucie Sirieix
SupAgro, Montpellier
English Language English text

Keywords : Management sciences, Vietnam, Cross-Shopping, Vietnam, Format choice, Modern retail, Emerging urban market.


Reflections on the dynamics of the monetary source and foreign exchange reserves: an empirical approach to understanding the inflation’s fluctuations in Vietnam over 20 years (1996-2015)

Author : Nguyen, Duy Quang
Under the direction of: Nikolay Nenovsky
Amiens University
Langue française Texte français

Keywords : Economy, Vietnam, Monetary source, monetarism, VAR-Co-integration, Monetary policy - Vietnam - 1990 - 2020, Inflation - Vietnam - 1990 - 2020, Economic policy.


Complexité de l’insertion professionnelle des femmes sasaks dans l’industrie touristique de Lombok, Indonésie : nouvelle économie et identités locales

Author : Belliard, Auréliane
Under the direction of: Karine Bates
Université de Montréal
Langue française Texte français

Keywords : Anthropology, Indonesia, Identity, Gender relations, Sasak kinship, Tourism development, Lombok, Indonesia, Sasak workers.


Tourism development strategies: the case of the city of Huê (Vietnam)

Author: Phan, Van Thuy
Under the direction of: Nicolas Peypoch and Laurent Botti
Perpignan University
Langue française Texte français

Keywords: Tourism sciences, Vietnam, Destination tourism competitiveness, Fuzzy set theory, TOPSIS, Ritchie and Crouch model, Tourism - Economic aspect - Planning - Vietnam, Marketing.


International tourists’ post-visit behaviors: a study of short-term revisit intention in the emerging tourism destination of Vietnam

Author: Ha Luong, Van
Under the direction of: Nathalie Prime
Université Paris 1
English Language English text

Keywords: Management sciences, Vietnam, Tourism in Vietnam, Intention to revisit, Self-congruence, Perception of a tourist destination, Emerging destinations, Image of a tourist destination, Tourist behaviors, Consumer loyalty, Travelers - Customs and behaviors, Consumers - Attitude.


Empiral essays on issues in conventional and islamic banking: case of Indonesia

Author: Pamungkas, Putra
Under the direction of: Laetitia Lepetit and de Clovis Rugemintwari
Limoges University
English Language English text

Keywords: Economy, Indonesia, Type of loan, Indonesia, Sharia-compliant, Deposit insurance, Risk, Deposit structure, Income inequality, Banks.


Strategic fit in a dynamic industry : case studies of ASEAN-region airlines

Author: Thi Tran, Thai Binh
Under the direction of: Eric Milliot
Poitiers University
English Language English text

Keywords: Management sciences, ASEAN, Environmental change, Strategic fit, Stakeholder impacts, Airlines, ASEAN region, Airline companies - Environmental aspect - Southeast Asia.


Vietnam: the destination of tourism kitsch? Example for a region climatic: Dalat

Author: Le, Thu Anh
Under the direction of: Philippe Bachimon
Avignon University
Langue française Texte français

Keywords : Geography, Vietnam, Tourism, Kitsch, Dalat, Colonial era, Authenticity, Exoticism, Selfie, Tourism - Da lat, colonial influence, social networks.


Von Hamburg nach Singapur : translokale erfahrungen einer hamburger kaufmannsfamilie in zeiten der globalisierung (1765–1914)

Author: Fiedler, Marine
Under the direction of: Jakob Vogel, Kim Siebenhüner and de Christian Windler
Paris, Institut d’études politiques
Deutscher Text Deutscher Text

Keywords: History, Singapore, Merchants, Globalization, translocality, Bourgeoisie - Hamburg, German merchants - Bordeaux (Gironde) - Singapore - 19th century, Family archives.


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